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Real Estate Financing

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Apply Now To Get Approved In 15 Minutes

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Access to financing at a reasonable cost is vital to almost every business, entrepreneur, and investor in the world of real estate. Most commercial real estate transactions require financing through investors and lending institutions. But, at the same time, the commercial lending sector is complicated, with many lending options and lenders. There are options for almost any property type.

Having experts in commercial lending on your side makes it much easier to find the capital you need and creatively solve financing challenges. Whether your business credit is stellar, or still being built, there are going to be commercial lending options available. We can help you find the right financing for your next commercial real estate project, whether this involves a purchase, a renovation or cashing out equity.

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We help individuals and corporate borrowers secure the necessary capital, whether they need a refi, a stated income loan, fix-and-flip financing, or improvement financing.  While some properties are harder to finance than others, most anything can be financed with some expert help. Personal and business credit need not be the deciding factors in securing a commercial loan. We can finance.

Residential real estate and commercial real estate are vastly different in terms of the variety of projects and the scale of the projects. An investor in commercial properties may need $60,000 to renovate and sell a house. Another investor may need $5,000,000 to buy a large office building or an industrial park. A commercial mortgage lender may also have access to funding mechanisms not open to the individual, residential property buyer.

Whether you are a first-time investor who is self-employed, an experienced flipper, or a corporate owner of multiple-income properties, our expert team can help you navigate the commercial mortgage lending landscape to put together great financing.


House flippers have several options, but flip loans are harder to get than conventional mortgages. As with any financing program, there are certain rules and requirements, These requirements include:

  • $65000 purchase price minimum
  • Minimum 660 credit score
  • Financing up to 100% of the purchase price (requires 30+ flips over the previous 36 months, or current ownership of rental properties)
  • Financing up to 100% of rehab costs
  • Properties for 1 to 4 families are preferred, condos are okay

We offer interest-only payment options and there is no prepayment penalty.90

Rental Property Types

  • Single-Family
  • 2-4 Unit Residential
  • Condominium
  • Townhouse
  • Multifamily (5+ Units)

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Commercial Property

We can arrange financing on a wide range of commercial properties, including some that have become difficult to finance. The key factor in commercial properties of all types is the earning power of the property in question. Commercial real estate owners and buyers can borrow money on almost any type of commercial or industrial property, including:

  • Retail

  • Mixed-Use

  • Warehouse/Self-Storage

  • Office

  • Light Industrial

  • Automotive

  • Mobile Home Park

We can help get capital whether you want to finance a purchase or upgrades, or refinance under better terms. Our experienced team ensures borrowers will experience a hassle-free experience in the complex world of commercial real estate finance.

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When you and your company has access to capital, the possibilities are endless. Our team at Quickline Capital Partners enjoys helping real estate investors find creative commercial finance solutions.

As nationally recognized leaders in our industry, we have built a reputation for the solid relationships we maintain with our clients. We are committed to developing a customized consulting plan for funding your next project.

Every loan gets a daily update so you can track the progress from start to finish.

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Loan Terms and Loan Programs

Commercial real estate financing is available under a range of terms, interest rates, and conditions. The most important factor in a commercial loan decision is often the earning power of the property. Lenders use the property’s value to determine how much they will lend, a figure expressed as loan to value (LTV). Many of our products have a maximum LTV of 65% or 70%. A borrower will need to supply the remainder of the purchase price using personal assets or contributions from an investment partner.

An investor can also finance a commercial real estate investment using the earning power of the building or buildings in question. A lender will evaluate the deal based mostly on the property’s ability to generate enough revenue to cover insurance, taxes, and mortgage payments.  This option makes it easier for commercial buyers to access the cash they need.

We have deep experience with stated income, bridge financing, and mortgage loans. We can understand real estate investors and real estate investments. Our online platform for submitting and evaluating loans streamlines the loan process for commercial real estate owners or buyers. You can see your options, select the right loan program and get an approval letter to submit with a bid.

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