Referral Program

Our Referral Program

The commercial finance industry can offer ambitious professionals the chance at an exciting career. Yet succeeding within this business isn’t easy; it requires access to certain tools and partnerships that guarantee you the ability to meet the financial needs of your clients’ deals. Unfortunately, far too many aspiring brokers see their dreams and those of their clients fail from not having access to such resources. Yet you won’t have that problem when you choose to participate in our Referral Program here at Quickline Capital Partners, Inc.

Outstanding Assistance for Independent Brokers

One of the main benefits of working as a financial broker is enjoying the independence that such a job offers. Yet simply because you don’t work for us doesn’t mean that you can’t work with us. We offer some of the best referral rates in the business. We can work together to help guarantee the consummation of your clients’ deals in the following way:

  • You send your clients to us to obtain the financing they need
  • We may finance them ourselves or delve into our vast network of credit partners.
  • You continue to take the lead on any future deals involving your clients

We appreciate your faith in us to handle your clients’ financing needs. We believe that faith should be rewarded through unwavering loyalty on our part.

An Exciting Employment Opportunity

If that loyalty is something that your career has been sorely missing, you may want to consider joining up with our team. We’re constantly on the lookout for new professionals for positions across the country. When you work for us, you’ll never have to worry about limited funding options for your clients again. Plus, we reward your hard work with outstanding commissions.

We’re offering you the unique opportunity to have the backing of one of the most respected names in the commercial finance industry in your corner; why not take advantage of it? Whether you look to us as a source for your clients’ funding, or you choose to work directly underneath our corporate umbrella, there are countless advantages to be had from a professional association with Quickline Capital Partners. We want to play our part in helping your career to flourish. To learn more about this exciting program, simply give us a call today.