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Rental Property Funding

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Rental Property Financing can be complicated, and the costs of a poor financing strategy can be high. The specialists here at Quickline Capital Partner have deep experience working with investors, flippers, and realtors to finance commercial property purchases and renovations. We have also worked on refinancing loans. In short, we have the experience you need if you want to expand your real estate holdings.

If you need a loan to buy or renovate a single family home or multi-unit property, or if you want to refinance under better terms, contact us to learn about your financing options. You can also submit your information through our Website, to get a no-cost, no-obligation report on your financing options.

Rental Loans That Meet Your Needs


Single Asset Properties

Loans for investors looking to purchase or refinance 1-10 unit properties


Portfolio Investment Loans

Loan for investors looking to purchase or refinance 2 or more properties into one loan


Short-Term Rental Loans

Loan for investors looking to purchase or refinance a property that is or will be used as a short-term rental option

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Funding Program

Program Overview

  • $100,000 Minimum Purchase & As-Is Value
  • Up to 80% of the Purchase Price
  • Refinance Up to 75%  of the As-is Value
  • 30 Year Fixed, Interest Only or ARM option
  • Fast Closings
  • Competitive Rates
  • Low Doc Underwriting
  • No Tax Returns Needed
  • Not Reported On Credit Score
  • Nation Wide Lending

Low Doc Loans On Rental Properties

Applying for a commercial mortgage through Quickline is very different from getting a residential mortgage loan. Our application process requires less documentation and takes less time. Our low documentation (low doc) loans are a fast way to buy, renovate, refi, or consolidate. You are probably familiar with consolidating debts into one lump sum. Investment Property Financing can be used for a similar purpose when managing a portfolio of investment properties.

We are very focused on assets, not credit scores and incomes. If an investment property generates more in rent than the mortgage would cost, we will probably fund the deal. We do not ask for tax returns or income verification. Here are some of the key details about our lending options:

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