Rental Property Financing

Rental Property Financing

Rental Property Financing can be complicated, and the costs of a poor financing strategy can be high. The specialists here at Quickline Capital Partner have deep experience working with investors, flippers, and realtors to finance commercial property purchases and renovations. We have also worked on refinancing loans. In short, we have the experience you need if you want to expand your real estate holdings.

If you need a loan to buy or renovate a single family home or multi-unit property, or if you want to refinance under better terms, contact us to learn about your financing options. You can also submit your information through our Website, to get a no-cost, no-obligation report on your financing options.

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Get Your Rental Property Funded

Using Rental Property Real Estate Loans

If you are interested in buying rental property real estate, we can arrange financing for almost any residential project. Some projects can be harder to finance than others, but we have successfully financed a wide variety of projects including:

  • Single-Family
  • 2-4 Unit Residential
  • Condominium
  • Townhouse
  • Multifamily (5+ Units)

Financing a purchase is the most obvious use of commercial loans. However, they are also useful for the same reasons a residential property loan may be helpful. An investor can renovate a property, refinance a property, or consolidate smaller debts into one payment. Of course, commercial lenders also offer construction loans for commercial projects like those listed here.

Rental property real estate investors often buy existing properties and manage them, but flipping residential properties and new construction are also options that need financing. Income producing properties are easier for a commercial lender to approve because the revenue can cover loan payments and taxes.

Understanding Rental Property Loans

Residential real estate and commercial real estate are vastly different in terms of the variety of projects and the scale of the projects. An investor in commercial properties may need $60,000 to renovate and sell a house. Another investor may need $5,000,000 to buy a large office building or an industrial park. A commercial mortgage lender may also have access to funding mechanisms not open to the individual, residential property buyer.

Whether you are a first-time investor who is self-employed, an experienced flipper, or a corporate owner of multiple-income properties, our expert team can help you navigate the commercial mortgage lending landscape to put together great financing.

As with a regular mortgage, a commercial loan is secured by using the property itself as collateral so the individual’s credit score is not as important, though business credit is still somewhat important. If the borrower can’t make their mortgage payments, they can lose the property. Both residential and commercial real estate lenders expect the borrower to put up some of the money.

The most important real estate concept to understand is probably the loan to value ratio (LTV). A loan to value ratio is a shorthand expression of how much a bank will lend on a property. Getting a loan for 100% of a property’s fair market value may be difficult. Almost all commercial lenders expect the buyer to put up a significant portion of the price. For example, on an 80% LTV loan, the bank loans 80% of the money, and the investor covers the other 20%.

Commercial Lending Options

There are a few options for coming up with the balance of the purchase price. Personal credit or savings and hard money loans are common. Investing partners, who put up part of the money in exchange for a share of the profits are another option that many experienced investors use. Home equity loans or lines of credit may also be options, for investors who have a considerable amount of equity in a property.

Hard money loans are short-term and high-interest loans offered to real estate investors by private investment firms and individual investors. Hard money loans are most often used by house flippers who intend to sell a property and pay off the loan in 12 to 18 months. Investors sometimes use hard money lenders to get commercial bridge loans. A bridge loan helps close the gap between what a business can borrow and what they need to close a commercial real estate deal.

Unlike residential loans, commercial real estate loans are made to businesses, not individuals. In order to access commercial loans and private investor networks to raise money, you will need to form a business entity and incorporate it.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation financing offer that will present options offering competitive interest rates. You can get your exact loan terms and costs in writing in under one hour. We can also close on a commercial loan in 10 to 14 days.

Get Your Investment Property Funded

Low Doc Loans on Rental Properties

Applying for a commercial mortgage through Quickline is very different from getting a residential mortgage loan. Our application process requires less documentation and takes less time. Our low documentation (low doc) loans are a fast way to buy, renovate, refi, or consolidate. You are probably familiar with consolidating debts into one lump sum. Investment Property Financing can be used for a similar purpose when managing a portfolio of investment properties.

We are very focused on assets, not credit scores and incomes. If an investment property generates more in rent than the mortgage would cost, we will probably fund the deal. We do not ask for tax returns or income verification. Here are some of the key details about our lending options:

  • Maximum of 75% LTV
  • Competitive market rates
  • 30-year amortization and cash-out refinancing options
  • 30-year fixed loans included SBA loans
  • Lending on single-family, duplex, condo, townhome properties
  • Options for financing properties with 5 to 20 units

Properties with 1 to 4 units are our specialty.

We offer financing options from $100,000 to over $2.5 million on rental properties. You can also refinance up to 75% of a property through us. Whatever your commercial real estate plans or finance needs, Quickline has options.

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If you need money to finance a fix and flip, our online loan application process makes the financing work easy, and quick. We have deep experience in helping investors use hard money loans, lines of credit, and fix and flip loans to complete their projects.