Best 12 Tips for Investment Property Financing


Best 12 Tips for Investment Property Financing Investment property is a great way to build wealth, but investing in real estate can be challenging. This is where investment property financing comes in. There are many different types of investment property financing out there, and it’s important that you understand them all. Finding the best type […]

Business Debt Refinancing for Your Loans

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Has your business accumulated several debt obligations that may have terms that are costing your business more money than they need to? Even a healthy business with a great outlook for the future can find itself in a position where business debt refinancing is a smart option going forward. When a business refinances its debt, […]

Real Estate Prices Crashing? No.

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Are Home Values About to Drop?  With the recent seller’s market going so strong, home values have increased substantially. This leads many people to think when the market stabilizes, home values must come back down. But that’s not exactly true… While many people want to buy due to low interest rates, the lack of supply […]

How To Franchise Your Business Model

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Owning a business can make you feel accomplished about the direction that your life is heading. Still, there might be a part of you that wants to see more from your endeavors. This is why so many individuals that own businesses around the world make the decision to franchise. There is something about knowing that […]

Is it Easy to Find Profitable Flips?

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Why Most People Think It’s Easy to Find Profitable Flips People assume that whatever information is readily available is common. This bias skews our perception of reality. If you watched a show about flipping houses and the flipper in each episode makes around $40,000 to $60,000, you get the sense that it’s easy and everyone […]

FIX-N-FLIP Mistakes We’ve All Made

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Getting ready to fixnflip a house? Maybe employ the BRRRR strategy? Great! Here’s a few tips to avoid along your way. Buying a money pit Every house has problems, but if you can, you want to avoid taking on problems that are too big for you to handle. For your first flip, stick to looking […]

Bankers being eliminated by Artificial Intelligence?

Fintech companies today are struggling to be competitive, profitable, and maintain acceptable levels of risk. Yes, they enjoyed a meteoric rise, but as loans began defaulting and their volume continued it took real human resources to address these issues – an asset they desperately lacked. The result?  Fintech companies have pulled back their lending requirements, […]

Investment Real Estate During Covid 19 Pandemic

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If 2020 has taught the people of Earth one thing, it is that everything can change in the blink of an eye. The rise of the novel coronavirus has been damaging to public health and the global economy alike. Still, it has not completely stopped the flow of business. If you’re someone who has been […]

What is Delayed Financing and Why Should You Consider Using It?

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What is delayed financing and why should you consider using it? The term “delayed purchase” or “delayed financing” comes from the conventional lending world, and it’s used to describe a transaction where you buy a property in cash and then do a cash-out refinance within 6 months. This is essentially a cash-out refinance without having […]

The Trouble with an 800 Fico

Last week we had a troubling discovery.   Identity theft is no longer limited to consumer credit.   The would-be identity thief was going for a much larger score – Corporate Finance.   To add further insult to this attempted deception the thief was using an active duty Army officer’s identity. How he did it: 1. […]